As Mother Always Said, Too Many Sweets Lead to DEATH!


This may look like a screen shot of a video game Candyland, but it is not.  This is a place filled with fun looking sweets that lead to death. Valmantia had this brilliant idea to head out to “what she called Candyland” aka Morell’s Castle.  It took us all Friday night just to get there and find it.  Of course we had to die several times on the way, but hey that is the name of the game.  We finally catch a slight glimpse from afar of the candy canes only to die upon seeing Candyland.  We died so many times that Vmalice had us all go back to the Guild Lobby and he summoned our corpses.


Saturday evening comes along, I was a bit late getting into the game since I had to attend a birthday dinner for our neighbors dog Maggie, she turned two.  It was a great meal at one of my Favorite restaurants – Jakes’s. I log in late, Valmantia and Vmalice are already in Candyland, alas to join them meant that I had to run from the Guild Lobby all the way there on my own.  I fired up my invisibility spell and set out.  I luckily remembered the way and believe it or not I made it to there sides only to die picking up the quest because some Gingerbread Man didn’t like me.  Once I was rezzed we fought for a while, but by then it was late so we called it a night.  Tomorrow we are heading back to finish the quest.

I did ask Valmantia on Friday night if a candy cane was worth dying for and we all had a big laugh, but this place is no laughing matter.  I am sure I will have more to write on this zone.