A Good Night; DING!

Qindaar set out again last night with his good friends Vmalice and Valmantia to do the Daily’s.  There are three that we pick up, one in Old Bloodfields, level 85; one in House of Thule-grounds, level 90 and one in Valley of Lunanyn also level 90.  So in preparation this time around Qindaar made sure he did the quest to unlock the Mercenary Journeyman V.  No problem, got the guy and he performed admirably in the face of death, protecting me twice by forfeiting his life.  Good Merc!, although he comes at a hefty price of 93 platinum every 15 minutes or one Bayle Mark.  Thankfully Sony puts Bayle Marks on sale every so often so I stock up.

So overall Valmantia and Qindaar moved up a level while we listened to Vmalice whine that he did not.  Well he is already way ahead of us anyhow.

There are many ways to play this MMO. One is to sit back, explore and visit all the wonderful areas of the game.  Finishing all the Quests in each City, etc.  The other way is to just Level.  I am torn between the two, there are so many places I have not visited, just as in RL and many times someone will say meet me here and I just get this HUH, I don’t know where that is.  I do enjoy leveling but I also like the exploring.  Torn is what I am.

Every afternoon Qindaar sits in the guild Lobby waiting for all the buff casters to load us up on extra protection.  This is what the Lobby looks like2014-10-09_15-15-38

This is a very important part of the day, without these buffs I would die very quickly if I made a mistake.  So I should quit writing and get back into the game.