Server Updates, Need to get Ready


The new expansion, “The Forbidden Sea” is currently being uploaded to the Sony Servers. Sony says it will be about 10 hours to update, which would make it 10am here on the West Coast, though I have never known them to be correct and it usually takes longer.

I have spent the morning downloading the new UI fixes for the custom UI I use from EQInterface and once the game is up, I am sure I will have to tweak that which will take some time.

Spent several hours yesterday working on achievements.  There was supposed to be some changes to achievement system in this patch but they were put off.  So far I have found that these achievements are not anything truly special.  They are usually a chain of quests that you would have done while you were leveling, that would be leveling and enjoying the content and not leveling by blowing through everything. So as I grind away on these I get to visit places I have not been, but the running back and forth on these chain quests is a bit tiresome.  Typically it takes about 45 – 60 minutes a quest, so at that rate it is going to take me 80 hours of game play to accomplish the Hero’s Adventure Achievement. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, it is something I want to do, but a warning that it is a slow progress that will take you away form serious leveling time.

New Expansion, New Level Cap to 105 Today


New Updates

October 28, 2014


“So where did Firiona say she was going, anyway?” Tivalin asked.

“She said she couldn’t tell us all, or else –,” Naissa replied,looking upwards and suddenly clamping her hands over her ears.”What is that sound?”

“What do you mean?” he asked, cocking his head. “I don’t hear a thing.”

“My ears are about to burst!”

“Calm down. You’ve always been sensitive to powerful magic; it’s probably a new experiment. Let me cast this shield over you. It should–”

Beams of light struck all around them, scorching the marble of the courtyard. Tivalin looked up, shielding his eyes against the blinding light that suddenly appeared at the top of the dome.

“By Tsaph’s heart! Run!” Tivalin screamed as he pulled the helpless Naissa into the temple. He took a deep breath to sound the alarm, but his cry only came out as a muffled grunt when a red-mailed fist sent him reeling into unconsciousness.

“Sit down, hero. I’m not here for you and I don’t have time to chat.”

The dark elven Mistress of Hate stepped over the pair as she stalked into the chamber where the legendary Combine ruler Tsaph Katta had resided since his poisoning. Behind her, water poured into the city.

*** EverQuest: The Darkened Sea ***

– SOE All Access members are now able to purchase and access EverQuest’s twenty-first expansion: The Darkened Sea!

– Gain level 105, and obtain upgraded spells, abilities, and AA powers!

– SOE All Access members who have chosen the option to have AAs auto-granted will now gain abilities from House of Thule.

– Explore new islands within the Buried Sea, and work with Firiona Vie to save the life of Tsaph Katta and keep the ancient power of the Combine Empire out of Lanys T’Vyl’s hands!

– Use the Mount Key Ring to store your mounts! You can choose to assign a “stat” mount to receive the stat bonus from but have the appearance of a different mount. Hot buttons can be made from the mounts in this window for easy access in a hot bar.

*** Highlights ***

– Top Tier items from Call of the Forsaken have had their focus effect caps extended to level 103.

– Dozens of new items are coming to the Marketplace! Be sure to have a look at the spookiest decorations for the season!

– Beam spells should no longer incorrectly count corpses in their total number of valid targets.

*** Items ***

– You can now loot a single item out of a no drop stack if you have no drop loot confirmations turned on.

– Using the bandolier to swap between a dual wield setup and a ranged weapon setup will no longer cause items to disappear if your inventory is full.

– Corrected an issue where bane damage on weapons was not properly applying to the proper races.

– Top Tier items from Call of the Forsaken have had their focus effect caps extended to level 103.

– Adjusted the way that the Melodious Befuddlement effect from Melodious Truncheon is resisted.

– Dozens of new items are coming to the Marketplace! Be sure to have a look at the spookiest decorations for the season!

*** Quests & Events ***

– Heroic Adventures now have a six hour lockout upon completion.

– A Cunning Plan – Looting a key in this raid should once again give you access to the areas where you can battle the Architect and the Monarch.

*** Spells ***

– Druid – Fixed an error that wasn’t allowing the spell Savage Spirit to be memorized or cast.

– Druid – Nurturing Growth can no longer have its duration extended by focus effects, but should still prevent itself from being cast again for its duration. Reduced the cast time to 3 seconds since this also can no longer be focused.

– Druid – Skin to Seedlings now works on incoming damage spells up to level 105.

– Enchanter – Baffler’s Aura, Arctender’s Aura/Echo, and Mastermind’s Aura/Echo will now increase endurance regeneration as intended.

– Necromancer – Extended the level cap of spells focused by Scent of Dread to 108.

– Paladin – Increased the level cap of Remorseful Effect, a killshot proc from Remorse for the Fallen, to 105.

– Shadowknight – Increased the level cap of Remorselessness, a killshot proc from Remorseless Demeanor, to 105.

– Shadowknight – Increased the level cap of Unholy Aura Discipline to 250.

– Increased the total number of spell book pages from 90 to 100.

– /tgb will now work with mercenaries.

– Beam spells should no longer incorrectly count corpses in their total number of valid targets.

*** AA ***

– Monk – Added modifiers to Dragon Punch and Eagle Strike to the Two-Fingered Wasp Touch ability. Reduced the damage debuff that is applied to targeted enemies.

– Warrior – Changed Phalanx of One to an activated but very long duration ability to resolve unintended stacking issues with other disciplines.

– Wizard – Removed the mana penalty from Arcane Fury to resolve a stacking issue with Prolonged Destruction.

– Added a new tab to the AA window for spell-specific focuses if your class has them.

*** Miscellaneous ***

– Increased the max buy line amount to 2,000,000 from 1,000,000 plat.

– Fixed an issue where petamorph or metamorph illusions were not properly scaling to the correct height.

*** UI ***

– Increased the maximum number of extended targets you can have. You must obtain new ranks of the Eyes Wide Open AAs to utilize them.

– Added an “Achievements” button to the inventory window.

– Removed the option to forward in-game e-mail to the out of game e-mail address on a player’s Station Account.

– Added many new drag item icons.

– Changed –









*** Previously Updated ***

– Berserker – Savage Spirit has been returned to an activated discipline as intended.

– Bundle of the Ancient Gods will now correctly be removed from your inventory once it is opened.

– The EverQuest Team