Death, Death and More Death


Played for a short time last night, should have gone to bed.  Not even twenty minutes into the game and the first death occurred, not good for the rest of the evening I lost all the buffs that I had collected the whole day.  So now we are playing in pretty much the basics and half the group dies again.  Qindaar did not this time.

So we finish up the quest in Old Bloodfields and move off to the House of Thule grounds.  No sooner got there and poof Qindaar dead, one of the MoB’s could see through invisibility.  Qindaar laid on the ground while his cleric ran off with one of the other members of the team. All I could do is throw my hands in the air, pop back to the guild lobby for a summons and call it a night.

Maybe tonight might be better, but the last couple of days has seen little or no progress.