Fun Stuff Sometimes

id22465Last night Qindaar was fulfilling a quest by collecting unusual parts from ancient beasts. The “Turtle” above was fun, while casting on it, it thought the best way to do away with me was to swallow me whole.  I was laughing so hard trying to find my way out, finally found that by casting on the tongue he would regurgitate me.  This was humourous, trying to take out Skyrake was not, Evac’d out and went to bed after that battle.

Progress Towards Hero Gets Harder

2014-11-27_22-39-29While working his way through the progressions towards Hero the Quests are now becoming a little more difficult.  At times Qindaar would have to use his Mercenary on occasion to to take down a group.  This is great since he is also starting to get a little XP towards the kills.  No more clearing the zone with one fell cast, now it takes several.

Ran across the guy pictured above the other night, conned green to Qindaar so I figured a named MoB must have some good stuff on it.  Qindaar started casting spells on it and hitting it hard but it was making no difference.  After several minutes of blasting it, it was only down 2 points so Evacuate was used to disengage and later looked up the creature on the internet.  Found out the it has a million and a quarter hitpoints, would never had been able to take it down, would have ran out of manna long before.

Stop the Leveling and Enjoy the Scenery

2014-11-26_15-47-20Qindaar yesterday ventured into a new zone Sunder Hills and while running around like a madman trying to find the creatures he was supposed to kill he crested a mountain peak and saw to moon rising above the mountains on the other side of the valley.  Sometimes you need to stop the fighting and enjoy your surroundings.  Many hours of development went into this game to make it visually pleasing as well.  Never mind the drive to level, venture out and enjoy the many different zones and scenery that the game has to offer.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Ethernere Tainted West Karana Questing

2014-11-25_19-22-22Qindaar, Vmalice and Valmantia went exploring and questing in Tainted West Karana last night.  Qindaar was able to loot three collectables??? Have no idea what they are, need to research.  We polished off one quest and just about ready to finish the second when Vmalice bit the dust. It was late so we decided to call it a night.

We managed to eek in three daily’s as well last night, with Qindaar managing a forty percent increase in XP, an AA point and a Merc AA point.  Overall a good night.

Hope to get in some XP over the Thanksgiving weekend.  EQ usually does double XP over holidays, I hope this holds true.


Progress continues, Nearing Halfway Mark

2014-11-19_12-33-24Qindaar’s progress over the weekend was hindered by my inability to play do to a slight illness, been under the weather for the last few days.  Sorry Vmalice and Valmantia for not being there for you.

Qindaar continues his progression through the Steppes on his way to completing the Hero’s Achievement.  Hope to get in a lot of game play over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Speedy Progress Today


Qindaar has made great progress today earning three achievements towards the overall goal of Hero.  Been helping the guy above and his race while taking down Harpies and Griffons in the Blackroost.

Hope to catch up with Vmalice and Valmantia later this evening for some more Heroic Adventures in Dulak.

And Now For Something Completely Different


Qindaar finally was able to hook up with Valmantia and Vmalice, his good buddies in EQ and RL, we ran the Hero’s Adventure in Dulak last night.  Surprisingly this is part of the series Qindaar is working on, though at a much higher level, so it was great to get something above my level out of the way.

We had some fun events happen, Valmantia’s pet “Yummy” a giant gingerbread man ran off into the hills for some unknown reason which gave us all a good laugh and at one point Vmalice died, was resurrected and immediately set upon by the skeletons that chased him all the way to the zone in.

It was an interesting progression through a narrow valley or crevice with groups of MoB’s awaiting you at each turn and when you reached the end of the quest you had to blow up a wall.  That is where the dilemma started, we were banging away and banging away looking for the wall that we needed to hit.  The map I had up was incorrect, but the narration was correct, and we were able to end the quest.  Qindaar manages a thirteen percent XP gain and an additional AA point so it was a great opportunity, but not as much XP as running daily’s.

Do not know what is happening tonight but Qindaar will continue in the Hero of EverQuest Achievement this afternoon as usual.  He is making a good progress since he is now up to level fifty to fifty five MoB’s.

Wow, that was a long Quest


Qindaar thought this Quest would never end, the Quest of Ciodaru’s Love. It was a twelve part quest, that seemed to cover every skill set out there. Pottery, Poison, Alchemy, Smelting, baking, Jewelry crafting and Arrow making. Qindaar was lucky enough to have Rogue for a brother, one of my alternate characters, so Qindaar gathered all the ingredients for the extract and passed them on to Erimus to extract the ingredients out and give them back to Qindaar to prepare. If there was no Rogue Qindaar would have had to beg from some other player to make this stuff for him and Qindaar did not want to take the time to ask a fellow player for a favor.  Needless to say, it was accomplished and the Quest completed.

What! A Twelve Parter


Qindaar finished up his six part quest, and just as he thought it was safe to move on he gets hit with a new twelve part quest with Jewelery crafting and baking experience needed.  This is getting ridiculous, all this work just to move onto a new zone. Qindaar is three tasks into this quest and hopes to finish it up by the end of the weekend, we shall see.