Spare Time, Why not Become A Hero


Joined up with our usual group last night to run Daily’s.  As I said yesterday, I was getting tired of them although the XP is still good, I am near level 89 now, could hit it tonight.  After doing Daily’s Valmantia asked if I would go along on the Tattoo Quest with her.  I wanted to but it was getting late and I had a bit too much to drink with dinner so I was falling asleep at the keyboard.  But that made me wonder, what could I do on my own that would be a change.  I found it!  Become an EQ Hero.  This is a four part Journey, starting with he Progression, then the Advancement, then Special tasks, then the conquest. See the adventure below:

Progression 1-5: Welcome to Crescent Reach 1-5: Ready for Combat 6-10: Important Errands 11-15: Making a Name For Yourself 16-20: Becoming a Hero 21-25: Welcome to the Moors 26-30: Battling Blightfire 31-35: Champion of the Moors 36-45: Welcome to Stone Hive 36-45: Short Sharp Sting 41-45: Welcome to the Mesa 46-50: Pranks and Research 51-55: Moving Up the Ranks 56-60: Ascending the Roost 61-70: Conquering the Steppes 65-75: Crusader of Scale 70-75: Disrupting the Mines 70-75: Exploring Vergalid 70-80: Monkey Island 70-80: Redfeather Isle 70-80: Maiden’s Grave 70-80: Jardel’s Hook 70-80: Deadbone Reef 70-80: Suncrest Ridge 70-80: Blacksail Folly 70-80: Assisting the Ak’Anon Strike Force V 76-83: Assistant to the Fangbreakers 76-83: Assistant Fangbreaker 80-85: Agent of Ak’Anon Strike Force V 75-80: Herald of Oceangreen Hills 75-80: Herald of Oceangreen Village 76-85: Champion of Blackburrow 80-85: The Army of Light 80-85: The Army of Obliteration 80-85: From the Fields to Kaesora 80-85: Storming Kaesora and Kurns

Advancement 1+: The Council of Six 1+: Love in the Air 1+: Boawb’s Jealousy 20+: Job Offers 20+: Two Gnolls With One Stone 20+: Stemming the Threat 30+: Battling the Bixies 30+: Makesn’s Plight 35+: Botanical Busywork 35+: Cooking With Honey 35+: Working for Warwing 40+: Dorina’s Love 40+: Madu’s Armor 45+: Ciodaru’s Love 45+: Bring Friends 50+: Ekaterina’s Lament 50+: Centaur’s Troubles 55+: Lucian’s Vengeance 55+: Adrian’s Calling 55+: While You’re Roosting 60+: Steppe Right Up 60+: Rebuilding the Portal 65+: Cleansing the Springs 65+: Rites of Passage 65+: Assisting the Crusaders 70+: Togswell’s Experiments 70+: The Depths of Vergalid 70+: Shield of the Otherworld 70+: Jonas Dagmire’s Skeletal Hand 75+: Challenges of Dragonscale 75+: Ladies of the Light 75+: Heirlooms and Loved Ones 75+: Cleansing the Loping Plains 75+: Vrald’s Lost Brother 75+: Purified Flawless Faycite 80+: Disrupting the Fortress 80+: Serving the Spymaster 80+: Initiate of Ak’Anon Stike Force V 80+: Gearing Up 75+: Curing the Corruption 75+: Defending Oceangreen Village 75+: Darkpaw Defender 75+: Cleansing the Temple 75+: Bayle’s Heraldic Crest 80+: Infiltrating the Armies 80+: Efforts of a Mercenary 80+: From East to West Commonlands 80+: Refugee Rescue 80+: Blood of the Fallen 80+: Phara Dar’s Grand Illusion 80+: Intercepted Messages 80+: Gain Audience with Jaled`Dar 80+: Jaled`Dar’s Request 80+: Baron Yosig’s Skeleton 20+: Wayfarer’s Brotherhood Adventurer’s Stone 45+: Choosing Sides 45+: Gift of the Keepers (only visible if started) 55+: Valor of the Keepers (only visible if started) 60+: Embrace of the Keepers (only visible if started) 65+: Power of the Keepers (only visible if started) 70+: Sanctity of the Keepers (only visible if started) 45+: Gift of the Dark Reign (only visible if started) 55+: Tenacity of the Dark Reign (only visible if started) 60+: Embrace of the Dark Reign (only visible if started) 65+: Power of the Dark Reign (only visible if started) 70+: Fervor of the Dark Reign (only visible if started)

Special 1-20: Graduate of Crescent Reach 21-35: Conqueror of Blightfire 36-45: Slayer of Stone Hive 41-55: Magnate of the Mesa 56-60: Raider of the Roost 61-70: Journeyman to the Steppes 65-75: Emissary of Sunderock 70-75: Spelunker of Vergalid Mines 70-80: Captain o’er the Buried Sea 70-80: Explorer of Dragonscale Hills 76-83: Champion of the Loping Plains 80-85: Strikeforce Insurgent in Mechanotus 75-85: Herald of Old Antonica 80-85: Tactician of Bloody Kithicor 80-85: Hero of the Field of Scale 65-70: Defender of Norrath

Conquest 85+: Hero of the Journey 75+: Reconstructed Werewolf Head 75+: Model XLII Spatial Temporal Oculus 1+: Serpent Seeker’s Charm of Lore 15+: Wanderlust Guild Loadstone 20+: Wayfarers Brotherhood Emblem 65+: Breakdown in Communication 65+: Tome of New Beginnings 65+: Assistant Researcher’s Symbol 70+: Trials of Mata Muram 70+: Slipgear’s Gem 70+: The Depths of Darkhollow 75+: Efreeti Death Visage 75+: Katta Castrum Portal Activation 75+: Tsaph Katta’s Urn of Rejuvination 70+: Arena Champion’s Badge 65+: Coldain Historical Seal 65+: Black Orb of Scrykin 65+: The Chalice of Life 75+: Ancient Faycite Bone Circum 75+: Blessed Celestine Faycite 75+: Cursed Obsidian Faycite 75+: Valthun’s Memory Shard 75+: Lantern O’ Wisps 75+: Rallosian Battle Figure 80+: Dark Soul Crystal 80+: Timeshear