A Good Night and a Good Fight

Qindaar once again ventured out on Friday evening with his good buddies Valmantia and Vmalice to do the usual daily’s.  It was a good night because no one died until the end, but more on that later, and a good fight because Vmalice was pulling MoB’s like a maniac and we were handling them.  Here are some shots of the fights.

2014-10-10_21-01-15 2014-10-10_21-01-21 2014-10-10_21-01-35 2014-10-10_21-06-10

Also here is a group shot of us.


Qindaar managed to eek out an AA point that evening and moved up eight percent closer to the next level, so over-all a good fight.

After a while, since we completed the three daily’s we decided to go back to the House of Thule to take out some named MoB’s.  We were successful until we got cocky and decided to take out the Treant that killed me the other night.  Well we tackle a bit more than we could handle and the consequence was DEATH! for all involved.  We were going to go back again, but we had no buffs and in the last battle we only taken it down by 55% which wasn’t even close enough for a retry.  Give us a couple more days and we will get him.


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