And Now For Something Completely Different


Qindaar finally was able to hook up with Valmantia and Vmalice, his good buddies in EQ and RL, we ran the Hero’s Adventure in Dulak last night.  Surprisingly this is part of the series Qindaar is working on, though at a much higher level, so it was great to get something above my level out of the way.

We had some fun events happen, Valmantia’s pet “Yummy” a giant gingerbread man ran off into the hills for some unknown reason which gave us all a good laugh and at one point Vmalice died, was resurrected and immediately set upon by the skeletons that chased him all the way to the zone in.

It was an interesting progression through a narrow valley or crevice with groups of MoB’s awaiting you at each turn and when you reached the end of the quest you had to blow up a wall.  That is where the dilemma started, we were banging away and banging away looking for the wall that we needed to hit.  The map I had up was incorrect, but the narration was correct, and we were able to end the quest.  Qindaar manages a thirteen percent XP gain and an additional AA point so it was a great opportunity, but not as much XP as running daily’s.

Do not know what is happening tonight but Qindaar will continue in the Hero of EverQuest Achievement this afternoon as usual.  He is making a good progress since he is now up to level fifty to fifty five MoB’s.