Ding 90!


Qindaar and Vmalice set out Saturday evening to do our usual daily’s, Valmantia had homework to do for her classes so she was unable to join us until later.  During the Daily’s Qindaar made it to Level 90 so Vmalice and Qindaar are going to start the progressions so we can join the rest of the guild on Raids.  I still do not quite understand progressions but we are going to give it a shot.  Vmalice said it would be a change from the usual rinse and repeat stuff we have been doing.

The progressions we are starting are for level 90 toons and take place in the Veil of Alaris zone and start in Argath, Bastion of Illdaera area.

Difficulty: Level 88-92
Outdoor: Yes
Locked: No
Trash Level: Level 88-91
Named Level: Level 93

The overview:

For as long as the inhabitants of Argath can remember, they have been the keepers and forgers of steel. From the heart of the mountain wells the molten steel alloy that has lightness and strength unmatched by any other material in Alaris. With this steel, the Argathians of long ago became great warriors, and their skills in battle were feared by the other inhabitants of Alaris.

In time, though, as diplomacy became the preferred means of interaction among the Alarans, the Argathians turned their steel crafting talents to the production of machines, agricultural tools, and building materials. They prospered through commerce, but to this day many Argathians regret the reliance on trade over martial strength.

And their regrets are not unfounded. Erillion, the City of Bronze, has invaded Argath. When Atleris, the Pinnacle of Argath’s Council, refused to provide Erillion unfettered access to the steel forge, Erillion decided to conquer the fortress. Just as the enemy was advancing upon Argath’s walls, the Forge mysteriously began to erupt. The molten well at the center of the mountain vomited gouts of steel into the lower levels of the fortress, destroying homes and workshops. While this loss of life and resources was damaging to the Argathians, it has also prevented Erillion from conquering the fortress, since the enemy forces now have to contend with the masses of living steel and the floating blades that wander around the disaster site.