Twenty Seven Part Quest


Qindaar has set out on another huge Heroic Adventure Quest. This quest requires Qindaar to do many different tasks in the Buried Sea to locate and the assemble twenty seven hand bones. The augment has great stats as shown above. So far he has gotten nine bones.

On another side note Qindaar, Vmalice and Valmantia are still awaiting there long time buddy Derevaun to join them. Hopefully tomorrow Deveraun will make his appearance. We are all awaiting his return.

Close Call

2014-12-08_21-23-39Qindaar was working on his Heroic Quests and went into battle against Oblivion without realizing that this is a raid encounter.  Needless to say he died and when this happened he lost his level ninety three.  Oh horrors, even after the rez he was still shy of XP to regain his level, none of his spells worked he was in trouble.

Qindaar immediately ran off to a zone that he knew would give him the XP he needed and quickly, back to the Mines to slay Undead Golems.  After about eight to ten kills he regain his level and went back to questing.  Qindaar is now working in the Buried Sea, a whole new refreshing zone on the water with beaches, palm trees, tall ship transportation among the islands and of course Pirates.

Wish all my blog readers a very Merry Christmas day!

WooHoo Ding 93!

2014-12-05_15-22-57Qindaar had an excellent weekend, double XP was offered all weekend, Qindaar moved up 2 levels to 93, awesome!  A special thanks to Vmalice, Valmantia and Skantonboy for doing daily’s yesterday and hanging in there until be all DINGED.

Qindaar is still working on the Hero’s Achievement which is moving along more slowly as he gets deeper into the content.  The MoB’s are becoming more fierce and the tasks more difficult, but he is still trudging along.  Qindaar will soon be entering the Burning Sea content with all ne challenges, luckily he has Enduring Breath and can stay underwater indefinitely since there seems to be a lot of underwater content here.  Just a couple of more items to wrap up in the other zones and then a whole new adventure awaits.

Ding 92!

2014-12-20_21-02-23Qindaar and Vmalice (pictured above) battled for several hours last night doing Daily’s and just random killings in The Grounds.  Qindaar made 100 percent XP last night Dinging Level 92 and half way to level 93. A big thank you to Vmalice for his help!

Feel the Burn

2014-12-11_21-15-29Qindaar set out this afternoon to finish up the Wunderlust Stone quest. The last part is to find and investigate the lava pools in Ashengate. Well Qindaar found the pools, jumped off the landing and hoped stone to stone to no avail he could not trigger the last quest check off.  He ran to and fro with ten MoB’s trailing him, first they killed his Merc and then they killed him.  It was sad because he was so close.

Tomorrow is a new day, need to research the exact landing spot for this quest.

Busy, Busy, Busy

2014-12-14_12-52-24Qindaar has been very busy trying to finish up with the Wunderlust Guild Stone.  One more feat to finish and the augmentation will be complete.  This is tough, he is back in Ashengate again trying to fight his way to the nest.  The problem again is Manna regeneration and aggro, but hopefully he will be able to complete this tomorrow.

Tonight Vmalice and Qindaar ran daily’s, as Vmalice would say, “Like a well oiled machine”  Qindaar responded, “At least tonight!” we all had a laugh.  Qindaar is twenty five percent away from level ninety two, maybe by the weekend.

We are all anxiously awaiting Derevan’s return to EQ, hurry up Chris!!!

“Shield of the Otherworld”

3f362a51525bd86fb82a04be8c9583d9Qindaar did it, he managed to get the all the pieces needed, eighteen in all for the Augmentation piece “Shield of the Otherworld”  Qindaar spent at least two weeks on acquiring this augmentation, spent four days camped in Ashengate and battles so many battles he cannot remember how many, but it paid off.  Towards the end he thought for sure that he would never be able to complete and go back to Guild Lobby for buffs, but after ever battle he sat and regenerated his Manna with a Manna regeneration spell always on the ready.  The problem with the Manna regen spell is it has a twelve second cast time, with means nothing can touch him for a full twelve seconds while he casts it, which makes it difficult to use in battle.

So now Qindaar heads off to the Burning Sea to see what damage he can do there.  I know there is “Monkey Business” afoot.

Pick up the Battle and move Forward

2014-12-14_11-03-50 2014-12-14_11-39-48Qindaar pickup up the battle today and immediately received the fifth piece “the fifth fragment of the Kings”.  Two more to go, as you can see he had to venture down this hall sided by Drakes and roaming soldiers.  Got past those and headed into the great hall to slay the Captain of the Guard.  As usual he was not up, just his PH, so now we get to sit and wait him out.  Once these last two pieces are gotten, Quindaar go turn in all pieces for the Shield of the Otherworld. It has been a fun battle!

Battle After Battle- but Fun

view_mapQindaar has been battling the last two days in Ashengate, Reliquary of the Scale.  Everything is level seventy-nine or eighty against Qindaar at ninety-one.  The problem Qindaar is having is Manna regeneration, as the buffs wear off the stats drop.  I hate to take him back to the Guild Lobby because the battle to get here took four hours and I really hate to go through that again.  I will try again later this evening and if all else fails go back to buff.

Presently have three of the six Disks of the Hero’s that I need for the Shield of the Otherworld.  Qindaar is camping the fourth right now the placeholder has spawned four times without being the Boss.  Maybe better luck when I come back after dinner.