Progress Towards Hero Gets Harder

2014-11-27_22-39-29While working his way through the progressions towards Hero the Quests are now becoming a little more difficult.  At times Qindaar would have to use his Mercenary on occasion to to take down a group.  This is great since he is also starting to get a little XP towards the kills.  No more clearing the zone with one fell cast, now it takes several.

Ran across the guy pictured above the other night, conned green to Qindaar so I figured a named MoB must have some good stuff on it.  Qindaar started casting spells on it and hitting it hard but it was making no difference.  After several minutes of blasting it, it was only down 2 points so Evacuate was used to disengage and later looked up the creature on the internet.  Found out the it has a million and a quarter hitpoints, would never had been able to take it down, would have ran out of manna long before.