The Long and Short of it

fd99c891d82ad5ab1db2fb4c8b9db777Qindaar wrapped up a nine part quest last night that he started months ago and gave up.  Now that he progressed a few levels he re-tackled the quest which gave him the Augmentation of Purity pictured above. The Augment is for raiding gear once he gets there, it is nice to have when the time comes.

Qindaar has now gone back to the Heroic Adventure progressions and is currently working in the Mech Fortress, hopefully he can fisnish up this line of quests this weekend and go back to Loping Plains.  Loping Plains seems to be light Blightmoore, a never ending amount of quests before moving on.  Qindaar seems to have spent half his life in the zone, there is so many tings to do and good XP but not for the faint of heart, these MoBs hit hard and fast.