Bloodmon Keep constant Battle

2015-01-27_14-48-09Been battling away in Bloodmon Keep all week to gather the pieces I need for the Wereorc Mask.  Qindaar has one more task to accomplish and that is to poison the Spiders food.  This should be fairly easy to do and hopefully he will find the VoidSoul Ring to finish up.  This zone is a constant battle area. Mana is a premium here, Qindaar uses Clarity and lots of meditation time and also keeps up a harvest spell.  So ow he is off to finish this up this afternoon or tonight.

Here are the items needed to finish this off:


EverQuest icon 1 x Handful of Wereorc Fangs – Quested
EverQuest icon 1 x Runed Wereorc Skin – Quested


Skill: Non-Tradeskill

Portable Containers