Brownies? Chocolate Chip Cookies?

2015-01-10_22-05-27Qindaar worked so hard Saturday night for four hours of basically slaughtering Brownies to get his faction up to Kindly with the Ladies of Light. He received his task form them and went off to accomplish it only to find out on his return that now he had to be received Warmly by them.  Bah!  This meant going off for two more hours of Brownie massacring. He finally was received Warmly, received the last task, accomplished it and hopes never to lay eyes again on the Ladies of Light or another Brownie.

If you follow this blog you would have noticed that Robyn commented that I should have saved the brownie parts to give her to make chocolate chip cookies.  Of course she tells me this way too late, but knowing Robyn, I bet those cookies would have been delicious.  Qindaar does get tired of the same old Iron Rations and Bottled Water, but then again you wouldn’t want a fat wizard running around.

Off today to start the Conquest task which is 10 pages long. This is going to take a while for sure, but off to new lands, new adventures and away from Brownies.