Still Working the Barren Coast

2014-12-30_15-22-31Qindar has spent a couple of weeks now in the Barren Coast and Buried Sea working on a twenty one part quest for an augmentation mentioned in an earlier post.  He has now gotten it down to three missing bone parts to complete the hand.  He is now backtracking to see what was missed and repeat the task that was missed.  Qindaar is enjoying the content of this zone, beautiful ocean views, birds singing, nice island layouts, very peaceful when not slaying MoBs.  Although this is supposed to be a level seventy to eighty zone, have not found anything to hard to take down.

2015-01-03_23-58-45On a side note, teamed up last night with Vmalice and his side kick Vnearal to run daily’s and get some XP.  As you can see in the above image, Vmalice was up to his usual stunt of pulling everything in the zone, but it was quite interesting to see all the solders lined up so neatly to try and take him down.  Lucky for him he can feign death, something I wish a Wizard could do when he pulls stunts like this.