Updates for September 15th 2021

September 15, 2021

*** Highlights ***

– Agents of Change are now available for All Access members on all servers.

*** Quests & Events ***

– Bloogy Shellcracker will no longer accept Water Dragon Meat. However, his brother, Roogy Shellcracker, will be able to help you with that.
– NPCs that have an active loot lock will now only accept trades from players who belong to the credited party.
– Cikdew has found her voice and will be looking for assistance during Nights of the Dead.
– Arlien Browch has been seen hauling a large shipment of pumpkins. She should reach the Commonlands Tunnel just in time for Nights of the Dead.
– The mission Gorowyn: Balance of Power now correctly references Gorowyn as the target zone in the Quest Journal, rather than Chardok.

*** Spells ***

– Fixed an issue where Steadfast Servants would refuse to cast Servant’s Haste on players who have unlocked any ranks of the Item: Hidden Power / Ancestral Memories AA ability line.
– Dark Rites charges are no longer consumed when memorizing spells.
– Updated the confirmation popup box for translocation spells to not disappear if you enter combat.
– – Updated the confirmation popup box for translocation spells to last for 2 minutes.
– – Updated translocation spells to (once again) be cast by casters if they are in combat and land on targets that may be in combat.
– Corrected an issue where the Gambit line of Wizard spells could cause the Wizard to damage themselves with an offensive proc.

*** AA ***

– Corrected an issue with the AA ability, Companion’s Discipline, that granted the ability to use the /pet qswarm command at the wrong rank.
– Corrected an issue where pet command hotkeys would issue the wrong command. Hotkeys for target, swarm, qswarm, resume, and swleave will need to be re-made.
– Corrected an issue where the damage bonuses to Archery and Throwing from Weapon Mastery of the Scout and Weapon Mastery of the Juggernaut were giving only a small percentage of the intended bonus. They should now give roughly the same damage bonus seen for melee weapons.

*** NPCs ***

– Venril Sathir is no longer susceptible to mesmerization spells.
– The Seeds of Destruction Hunter achievements now have appropriate completion rewards:
– – The Voidslayer achievement now grants a 28 slot bag and the titles “Voidslayer” and “the Voidslayer”
– – The Expert Hunter achievement now grants a 26 slot bag
– – The Veteran Hunter achievement now grants a 24 slot bag
– – The Adept Hunter achievement now grants a 22 slot bag
– – The Novice Hunter achievement now grants a 20 slot bag
– Added missing hunter targets to their respective achievements:
– – Gates of Discord: Hunter of Riwwi: Pixxt Hihkx
– – Gates of Discord: Hunter of Riwwi: Pixxt Kihkx
– – Gates of Discord: Hunter of Kod’Taz: Enslaved Vrex Zealot
– – Omens of War: Nobles’ Causeway: Stone Thrower

*** Overseer ***

– Made a speculative fix to missing Overseer quests.

*** Progression Servers ***

– Fixed an issue with the loot on some prominent Velious raid targets that prevented proper randomization on Mischief and Thornblade.
– Reduced the respawn time of Gloradin Coldheart by some amount.

*** Miscellaneous ***

– Corrected an issue where NPCs would drop you from their hatelist if you were too far away under the wrong conditions.
– Agents of Change are now available for All Access members on all servers.
– Login timeout errors no longer display the wrong error message, such as “String not found.”
– Added a chat message when receiving a translocate.
– – The dialog box from the kickplayers command will no longer invalidate other dialog boxes, like those from translocation spells.
– – Translocation spells can now be cast on yourself.
– Broadcasts of system-wide messages will now always have a single space before the message is displayed.
– Logging in with 500 or more items in your Item Overflow will now display a message, suggesting you collect your belongings.

*** UI ***

– Corrected a spelling error when a player is too low level to give PVP points.
– Corrected an issue where heal-over-time spells would display negative values on NPCs.
– Fixed an issue where the reuse time on activated items would sometimes fail to display correctly.

– Changed –

– The EverQuest Team