Game updates

June 21, 2017

*** Highlights ***

– Updated many items in Hardcore Heritage Sebillis (see Items section).
*** Items ***

– Serisaria’s Pearl Stud: Fixed the unprintable character in the lore text.
– Added cleave to Darkened Sebilite Scale Vambraces .
– Added ferocity to Darkened Dark Scale Greaves and Darkened Sebilite Scale Leggings.
– Darkened Ebon Mace and Darkened Sword of the Morning now have increased damage.
– The spell on Darkened Breath of Harmony should no longer break Melody.
– Runed Helm of Strategy now has 41% haste.
– Collection items for Medal from the Living will now drop from humanoid undead in Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay instead of NPCs in Arx Mentis and Plane of Sky.
– The following items now have a shared recast timer for their click effect: Darkened Cobalt Bracer, Darkened Blood Ember Bracer, Darkened Jaundiced Bone Bracer, Darkened Tolan’s Darkwood Vambraces, Darkened Deepwater Vambraces, Darkened Mrylokar’s Helm, Darkened Donal’s Bracer of Mourning, and Darkened Elder Spiritist’s Helm.
– Darkened Trakanon’s Malleus, Darkened Trakanon’s Claw, and Darkened Trakanon’s Femur now have raid level damage ratios.
– Reduced the cast time on many of the Sebilis Hardcore Heritage items. In many cases, this also entailed adding a recast timer to prevent spamming.
– Tendon Slice, a worn effect on some items, now has block as a trigger skill in addition to parry.
*** Quests And Events ***

– There are now Hunter and Raid achievements for Scars of Velious, Shadows of Luclin, Planes of Power, and Legacy of Ykesha.
– Updated the Hunter and Raid achievements for Ruins of Kunark zones.
– The guild tutorial quest will now properly add you to ‘Novices of Brekt’ on the Brekt server.
– Access to Asylum of Anguish – A Cunning Dragorn in the Sewers of Dranik and the Insidious Dragorn in the Dranik Catacombs no longer have placeholders and are now guaranteed to spawn in all three versions of these instances. They now carry six signets, but will not respawn.
– Taskmistress Krisz (Raid) – Taskmistress Krisz no longer waits for 30 minutes between each leg of her journey around Riwwi.
– Taskmistress Krisz (Raid) – The dialogues on Pixtt Uxnikk and Pixtt Kekken now indicate that you need one group to spawn Taskmistress Krisz, not three.
– Reef of Coirnav (Plane of Water) – Addressed the following issues with the Fishlord Craiyk/Lezom events:
– – Fixed a bug that caused various anglerfish to get stuck and prevent the event from progressing as intended.
– – Increased the chance that fierce, ferocious, or furious anglerfish will spawn.
– – Reduced the time between anglerfish spawns from 2 minutes to 30 seconds.
– Made the following adjustments and fixes to Hunter and Conqueror achievements:
– – Conquerer of the Hole – Added an achievement for slaying Nortlav the Scalekeeper. This achievement will become available when the achievement for slaying Master Yael is no longer available.
– – Hunter of The Castle Mistmoore – Renamed a specific ‘a werewolf’ to ‘a werewolf gypsy’ and updated the achievement label to reflect this change.
– – Hunter of Feerrott – Fixed a typo where the ‘Tae Ew Archon’ and ‘Tae Ew Templar’ were swapped.
– – Hunter of Freeport Sewers – Will now be hidden until Prophecy of Ro unlocks on progression servers.
– – Hunter of Jaggedpine Forest – Two of the three versions of ‘A Potameid Matriarch’ have been renamed ‘A Potameid Dame’ and ‘A Potameid Matron’. These creatures have been added to the achievement.
– – Hunter of The Plane of Hate – Added ‘an ashenbone broodmaster’ and ‘thought destroyer’ to this achievement.
– – Hunter of Timorous Deep – Removed Captain Crag, Captain Velinos, Chartsman Longneck, Chartsman Tallbones, First Mate Daggerfist, and First Mate Morgan from this achievement.
– – Hunter of The Warsliks Woods – Removed ‘Gibold Goblin Stomper’ from this achievement.
– – Ruinslayer – Renamed the ‘Veteran Hunter of Kunark’ achievement to ‘Ruinslayer’ and corrected an issue with the ‘Hunter of Kurn’s Tower’ component.
– Hardcore Heritage – The Trakanon raid will again use the spell Ennui of the Dead instead of Mire of Crimson Mists II and Oppression of Thule.
– Hardcore Heritage – The zone experience modifier in hardcore Sebilis has been increased.
*** Spells ***

– Song: Saryrn’s Scream of Pain is now available on Minstrel Silnon when Planes of Power unlocks.
– Berserker – Reduced the effectiveness of Disconcerting Discipline so that it better fits its intended role as an enhancement for sustained damage rather than being the best discipline to use under most situations.
*** AA ***

– Shadowknight – Fixed a bug that caused ranks 4, 6, 13, and 26 of Leech Touch to deal rank 1 damage rather than the intended amount of damage.
*** NPCs ***

– Considering an NPC will now indicate if that NPC is ‘Rare’.
– NPC names are now automatically capitalized at the beginning of sentences. This applies to consider messages, aggro, death, victory texts, all combat messages, and more.
– Efreeti Lord Djarn in Nagafen’s Lair has returned to his fire appearance. The fire djinn look is so hot right now.
– Fixed a bug that was preventing some Kod`Taz NPCs from summoning as they should.
– Corrected an issue where some NPCs in Old Commonlands and Crypt of Sul appeared as default humans.
– Rare and boss NPCs in Charasis can no longer be charmed.
– Chardok: The Halls of Betrayal – The three different rare creatures named ‘a rabid chokidai’ have been given unique names.
– Dalnir – The three different rare creatures named ‘a kly imprecator’ have been given unique names.
– Kurn’s Tower – The three different rare creatures named ‘thick boned skeleton’ have been given unique names.
– The two different rare creatures named ‘Velketor’s Experiment’ and ‘Failed Experiment’ in Velketor’s Labyrinth have been given unique names.
– Fixed a bug where Nintal in Western Wastes would drop Bufa’s Talisman rather than his own talisman.
*** Progression Servers ***

– Alerts for Hot Zones will not display until The Serpent’s Spine has unlocked.
– Phylactery Will Get You Nowhere (Quest) – The Ghoul of Takish-Hiz is now restricted to the unlock of Lost Dungeons of Norrath.
– Many quest items used for quests that aren’t available until the Planes of Power will no longer drop until the Planes of Power has unlocked on the server.
– Raster of Guk is no longer restricted to the unlocking of Kunark.
– The achievement ‘Hunter of Veeshan’s Peak (Enhanced)’ will now replace the non-enhanced achievement with Dragons of Norrath instead of Lost Dungeons of Norrath. Note: If the non-enhanced achievement is completed before Dragons of Norrath launches, it will remain visible.
– Plane of Sky – The Hand of Veeshan and Overseer of Air will no longer spawn when the instance of this zone starts up. This will prevent multiple spawns of The Hand of Veeshan.
*** Miscellaneous ***

– Servers that require membership will now be visible to all players regardless of membership status.
– Achievements that require you to have certain items will now properly check items stored in key rings.
– Many Gates of Discord zones now have load balancing enabled.
– The allowable distance for targeted emotes has been increased dramatically. Now you can /point at that aviak on the horizon like you’ve always wanted!
– Fixed a crash that could occur while the computer is locked with the client running.
– Removed unprintable characters from some Neighborhood names. These changes will only be visible if these names were chosen by your server.
*** UI ***

– The advanced loot window has a new setting, ‘Show on new items only’.
– – This will prevent the advanced loot window from popping up if an item drops that is already filtered.
– – This is off by default.
– – The window will always show if something is in your personal loot list.
– – For Master Looter, the window will still pop up unless you have already marked all of the items in the list as auto ask/roll.
– The reminders for claim items and veteran rewards displayed when logging in will now only display once per week and only for level 5 or higher characters.
– – Note: The ability to claim items and veteran rewards remains unchanged. These changes only impact the messages displayed when logging in.
– Fixed a bug that prevented the player name left-click context menu from working correctly if chat timestamps were enabled.
– Added the option ‘missingSpells’ to the /outputfile command.
– – Running this command will output a list of any spells usable by your class up to your current level that you haven’t yet scribed in your spellbook.
– The Claim window will now display information about the highlighted claim. Generally this will describe where the claim came from. However, in a few cases the information will also indicate what servers the item can be claimed on, if that item has server restrictions.
– Changed –

*** Previously Updated ***

– Classic monsters across Norrath, celebrate! In classic zones (Lost Dungeons of Norrath and earlier), many creatures have reverted to their classic appearance. This change affects the following models: werewolf, beetle, and gnoll.
– Fixed a potential zone crash in Skyshrine and Icewell Keep.
– Dirt Criminal Vakov will now count for the Hunter of The Temple of Droga achievement.
– Wandering low level NPCs in the western section of Everfrost will respawn much more quickly.
– Low level spawns have returned near the entrance to Neriak in Nektulos Forest.
– Fixed an issue that caused voting time-locked servers to start a vote to unlock Legacy of Ykesha instead of immediately unlocking it once Planes of Power’s vote was successful.
– The population of Kithicor Forest will again transition between relatively high level undead at night and relatively low level non-undead during the day.
– The Reinforced Lair of Trakanon (Raid) – The debuff Ennui of the Dead has been temporarily replaced.
– The Reinforced Lair of Trakanon (Raid) – Fixed a bug that caused the chest at the end of the raid to not contain loot.
– Fixed a bug where the hotzone experience bonus would not work with global experience bonuses.
– Hardcore Heritage – Load balanced versions of Hardcore Heritage zones should change to or from the Hardcore version correctly when the Hardcore Heritage event activates or deactivates.
– Hardcore Heritage – The exits from Sebilis will now work correctly in the zone’s Hardcore Heritage version.
– Hardcore Heritage – Trakanon will no longer spawn in the base Hardcore Heritage version of Sebilis.
– Hardcore Heritage – The Trakanon raid chest will be a bit easier to see and find and will no longer face away from the raid.
– Hardcore Heritage – The Trakanon raid success lockout has been reduced from 4.5 days to 2.5 days.
– Hardcore Heritage – The Trakanon raid should now clean up completely on success or failure.
– The EverQuest Team

May 18, 2017

*** Items ***

– The Reassuring Strike II spell on Darkened Mrylokar’s Helm now only requires level 105
– Darkened Bracer of Wrath now fits on wrists instead of heads.
*** Quests & Events ***

– Kar’zok (Raid) – Added safeguards for the functionality of the frost sphere so that if it can’t find a valid target it will move to the center of the cave.
– Maria Starforge in the Loping Plains no longer gives out a Rain of Fear task.
*** AA ***

– Bard – Fixed a bug where rank 2 of Flurry of Notes was not extending the duration of the ability as intended.
*** NPCs ***

– Basilisk NPCs that had an alligator head now have a basilisk head.
– Guardian Adew no longer spawns in the Arena.
*** Progression Servers ***

– Plane of War – Gorod’s Medallion will once again spawn in Frostcrypt.
– The EverQuest Team

May 17, 2017

*** Items ***

– Corrected a bug where some types of throwing items could not be placed in bandolier containers.
– – Bandolier containers will now increase the speed of throwing attacks in the same fashion that quivers increase the speed of archery attacks.
– – The ‘Bandoleer of Luclin’ has been renamed ‘Bandolier of Luclin’ and has had its weight reduction reduced from 100% to 10%.
– Corrected a bug where ‘Darkened Blackburrow Trinket’ could only reach 98% of its potential power.
– In classic zones (Velious and earlier), many weapons, shields, and other held items have reverted to their classic appearance.
*** Tradeskills ***

– Non-Progression servers can now create Imbued Black Sapphire Silver Necklaces.
*** Quests & Events ***

– Fixed an issue where a number of achievements (primarily those from The Rain of Fear expansion) would not complete as expected.
– Atrebe (Raid) – Reworked the way the event works to ensure that the Everything Reborn achievement will function and the event will be easier to understand. Now there will only ever be four Haulers. They will try to pick up every ancient iksar or iksar skeleton corpse, rather than leaving some as they did before.
– Atrebe (Mission) – Reworked the way the event works to ensure that the Everything Reborn achievement will function and the event will be easier to understand. Now there will only ever be four haulers. They will try to pick up every ancient iksar or iksar skeleton corpse, rather than leaving some as they did before. So to get the achievement you must allow them all to be animated by Atrebe. As a minor fix, the haulers will visibly pick up their burdens rather than just making them disappear.
– The anniversary decorations in the Plane of Knowledge will take no more than one minute to populate or depopulate when the anniversary has started or ended.
– Demi Lich Skullcap (Quest) – It is no longer possible to have quest or dialogue interactions with Ixpacan or Harbinger Glosk related to this quest until you have handed in the Necromancer Skullcap to Ixpacan.
– All Necromancer Skullcap (Quests) – Quest steps that require handing in a skullcap can no longer be multiquested.
– The details and dates of many seasonal, anniversary, and other special events have been changed. See the in-game calendar for details under EQ->Alerts->Event Calendar or by using the /calendar command.
– – Nights of the Dead events will now run for four weeks instead of two. The festivities begin two weeks earlier and end at the same time.
– – Hardcore Heritage events have been consolidated. The newest zone runs for four weeks and the eight pre-existing Hardcore Heritage events run for two weeks in two distinct phases.
– – Living Legacy has been consolidated into a single event.
– – Stone Cold Summer has been consolidated into a single event.
– – Hardcore Heritage, Brew Day, Living Legacy, Stone Cold Summer, Death Death Death!, Nights of the Dead, Raid Raid Raid!, and Bristlebane Day now end on a Tuesday instead of a Wednesday.
– – Hardcore Heritage events now begin on June 7th.
– Bane of Decay (Mission) – The skulls will no longer have a massive amount of hit points.
*** Spells ***

– Most lower level Druid and Shaman DoT spells now do as much or slightly more damage as the equivalent spell plus the two spells before it when the spells originally stacked. Mana costs of these spells have increased accordingly.
– – These changes apply to the shaman Curse, Blood of Saryrn, and Breath of Ultor lines and the druid Sunscorch and Stinging Swarm lines.
– Corrected a bug that prevented some combat abilities that trigger a short-duration buff on the caster from being usable while a discipline was running. Ex: The Monk ability ‘Drunken Monkey Style’ or ‘Breather’.
– The Fulmination components of Empires of Kunark Alliance spells have been adjusted to generate less aggro.
– Monk – The Doom component of Curse of the Thirteen Fingers has been adjusted to generate less aggro.
– Berserker – Frenzied Resolve has been changed to function as a discipline and has been renamed ‘Frenzied Resolve Discipline’.
– Necromancer – Converted Chaotic Contagion, Corruption, and Liquefaction to cast the highest ranks you know of the component spells. Ranks 2 and 3 now have higher chances to cast both DoTs in addition to the base debuffs.
*** NPCs ***

– Fixed a kobold that was spawning outside the world in Nagafen’s Lair.
– Classic monsters across Norrath, celebrate! In classic zones (Lost Dungeons of Norrath and earlier), many creatures have reverted to their classic appearance. This change affects the following models: skeleton, bat, rat, snake, spider, drake, orc, goblin, puma, lion, kobold, zombie, mummy, basilisk/alligator, spectre, and wolf.
*** Mercenaries ***

– Mercenaries will now automatically get suspended if you join a raid.
*** Progression Servers ***

– The Enchanter spell Apathy is now available when Planes of Power unlocks.
– Agents of Change on the Agnarr server will take on a more thematically appropriate appearance.
– Calendar events on the Phinigel and Agnarr servers will show when future expansions will unlock.
– Maestro of Rancor (Raid) – Pre and post revamp versions of Maestro will now have Mitigation of the Mighty and can use Mark of the Old Ways.
– Innoruuk (Raid) – The post revamp version of Innoruuk can use Mark of the Old Ways.
*** Miscellaneous ***

– Addressed an issue where Replay Timers were sometimes improperly increased.
– Addressed an issue that could cause Real Estate Anchors to not properly function.
– Hunter and Raid achievements have been added for original EverQuest and Ruins of Kunark zones.
*** UI ***

– Added an event calendar that displays all of the event alerts for the year:
– – The event calendar can be accessed via the command /calendar or via the EQ Button in the Alerts sub-menu.
– – The event calendar lists all active events with beginning and end dates.
– – The event calendar displays your localized start and end time for each event.
– You can now toggle the potion belt UI on and off using the EQ menu.
– Added the following commands to the menu that is displayed when left clicking a player’s name in the chat window: Send tell, invite to group, invite to raid, task add, and add to dynamic zone.
– Setting a custom chat timestamp color will now automatically cause timestamps in that chat window to display in that color, rather than also requiring you to disable the ‘Match Chat Color’ setting.
– Made a number of adjustments to heroic stat labels in the item display window:
– – Corrected a bug that prevented items that have negative heroic stats from displaying these stats.
– – Heroic stats increased or decreased by power sources will now display their value in green/red the same way that base stats do.
– – Adjusted the spacing of base stat and heroic stat labels to better support items with 3 digit heroic stat values.
– Fixed an issue where newly created characters weren’t properly loading their default Hot Buttons.
– Changed –

*** Previously Updated ***

– Magician – Fixed a bug that prevented Monster Summoning pets from being reclaimed.
– Valdoon Paladin 2.0 (Raid) – Lowered the minimum number of players necessary to request this raid from 10 to 6.
– The EverQuest Team

April 19, 2017

*** Highlights ***

– Added the ability for level 61 and higher level players to automatically activate basic combat skills (Backstab, Bash, Frenzy, Kick, Tiger Claw, etc) while auto-attacking. See below for details.
– Fixed an issue that caused boats to stop following their intended sailing paths.
*** Items ***

– Corrected a bug that caused heroic stats in the item display window to show their full value when they should have displayed an adjusted value depending on the ‘modified’ toggle in the window.
– The innate benefit of Fiery Avenger, Fiery Defender, and Innoruuk’s Curse that allows you to use the bash skill while wielding these weapons is now explicitly noted as a worn effect on these items.
– Compressed Copper Stud and Golden Sage’s Earring now use a higher tier Enhanced Minion spell, improving the pets of players wearing these earrings. You will need to summon a new pet to gain the benefits of this improvement.
– Corrected the lore text on Giant Dire Wolf Skin.
– Wrathful and Malevolent Hero’s Forge armor pieces now have custom icons to help differentiate each set.
– Music Box: Neriak can now be placed in housing. It is possible to hear the song by interacting with the Music Box item and selecting the “Wind the Music Box” option.
*** Quests And Events ***

– Lceanium: Before the Siege (Group) – Fixed a bug that would prevent success on the “You Be The Hero” achievement if one of the invaders was killed by a mercenary.
– Prince Selrach Di’Zok (Raid) – It should now be possible to get the Maximum Anger Achievement.
– Kor-Sha: The Kar’Zok (Raid) – Adds should no longer spawn after an event reset.
– Deepest Guk: The Curse Reborn (Raid) – The Scouts are now player friendly. They can be buffed and healed and cannot be aggroed or injured by PCs.
– Valdoon Paladin Epic 2.0 (Raid) – Lowered the minimum number of players necessary to request this raid from 10 to 6.
– Wither and Decay (Raid) – The achievement “The Crazy Eight” should no longer have the chance to auto-fail immediately when the raid has begun.
– Rebirth Leather Armor (Quests) – The four different kinds of jawbones that Spiritist Karina in Shadeweaver’s Thicket requires for her quests will all drop more frequently.
– Jail Break! (Quest) – Completing the task and clicking OK on the dialogue window will transport the character to the version of The Mines of Gloomingdeep with the fewest number of players. In any edge case where this does not occur correctly, hailing Arias or waiting for up to a minute will also transport the character to the version of The Mines of Gloomingdeep with the fewest number of players.
– Jail Break! (Quest) – Returning to an in-progress tutorial after camping out or a client crash should be handled more gracefully now.
– Jail Break! (Quest) – It is no longer possible to aggro Arias.
– Fixed a problem that was preventing some Frostfell, Bristlebane Day, and anniversary NPCs from spawning during those events.
– Plane of Health Heroic Adventures – Lowered the level of the weapon racks in Plane of Health heroic adventures so they can be killed at a reasonable pace by lower level characters.
– Icons for alerts on many events will now show properly instead of displaying the hand reaching towards the heart spell icon.
*** Spells ***

– Berserker – Dichotomic Rage has been flagged non-focusable to exempt it from the benefits of Scarlet Cheetah Fang.
– Ranger – Dichotomic Fusillade Strike has been flagged non-focusable to exempt it from the benefits of Scarlet Cheetah Fang.
– Magician – Firebound Alliance now focuses bolt target type spells in addition to single target type spells.
– Magician – Fixed a bug that prevented Monster Summoning pets from being reclaimed.
– Magician – Converted Dyzil’s Deafening Decoy and Rage of Zomm to swarm pets so that they can be used while your main pet is active. Rage of Zomm is now much costlier.
– Made a change to Empires of Kunark ‘Alliance’ spells that deal damage and the Monk combat ability ‘Curse of the Thirteen Fingers’ so that the damage dealt by the ‘Fulmination’ of these abilities will now credit the appropriate player.
– Updated the description on all Empires of Kunark ‘Alliance’ spells to include more information about their ‘Fulmination’ effects.
– Updated Empires of Kunark ‘Alliance’ spells to have stacking groups to correct a bug where multiple ranks of the same spell line could be placed on a target.
– Increased the melee avoidance of all player pets. This increase will be most noticeable at high levels. Swarm pets were not affected.
*** AA ***

– Abilities that reduce the reuse time of spells will now impact the reuse time when first memorizing a spell.
– Rewrote the description for Stoicism to more clearly explain its effect.
– Adjusted the default behavior of Doppelganger swarm pets so they will no longer spawn with more aggro than their owner when attacking a target.
– – Swarm pets summoned by the Enchanter abilities ‘Doppelganger’, ‘First Spire of Enchantment’, ‘Illusory Ally’, or by the Bard ability ‘Lyrical Prankster’ are unchanged and will continue to act as temporary defenders.
– Berserker – Fixed a bug with Rank 22 of Untamed Rage which caused the Azia buff to refresh itself rather than cycling through the Beza to Ena buffs before refreshing itself.
– Monk – Increased the damage modifier of ranks 10-17 of Innate Innerflame from 52-66% to 53-70%.
– Monk – Veteran’s Wrath now offers higher returns from level 103 to 105. Note: This will cause all existing ranks of Veteran’s Wrath to be refunded for monks.
– Paladin, Shadowknight, Warrior – Reduced the base damage reduction percent of Defensive Proficiency from 30% to 20%.
– Shadowknight – Reduced the damage modifier of rank 17 of Innate Darkblade from 120% to 100%.
– Warrior – Reduced the damage bonus modifier of Two-Handed Proficiency from 110-120% to 80-90%.
– Made a number of adjustments to buffs that increase the damage of critical melee attacks.
– – A new spell effect has been implemented to grant a non-cumulative bonus to critical melee attack damage.
– – Buffs that have been modified to use this new effect will only impart the highest bonus of all current buffs that use this new spell effect.
– – The following abilities and buffs have been modified to use this new effect:
– – – All – Glyph of Destruction and Glyph of the Cataclysm now grant a non-cumulative increase to all melee skills rather than a cumulative bonus to the primary weapon skills.
– – – Bard – Thousand Blades now grants a non-cumulative increase.
– – – Berserker – Savage Spirit now grants a non-cumulative increase to all melee skills rather than a cumulative bonus to 2-Handed weapon skills and Frenzy. Additionally, all ranks will now consume 25% of the Berserker’s health when the effect wears off.
– – – Paladin – Valorous Rage now grants a non-cumulative increase. Additionally, the effectiveness of the critical damage portion ability has been reduced from 75-400% to 45-200%, the effectiveness of the weapon delay reduction effect has been reduced from 13-45% to 10-25%, and the ability has been flagged non-focusable so that its duration will be a static 1 minute. The portion of this ability that reduces healing focus has been removed.
– – – Shaman – Fateseer’s Boon and Prophet’s Gift of the Ruchu now grant a non-cumulative effect.
– – – Warrior – Savage Onslaught, Savage Assault, Brutal Onslaught Disciplines, and Heroic Rage now grant a non-cumulative increase.
*** NPCs ***

– The feigned bone golems in Miragul’s Menagerie adventures that can act as a short term pet should now work more reliably.
*** Progression Servers ***

– Temple of Veeshan (Raid) – Fixed some errors with the spawning of some of the bosses (Gozzrem, Eashen, and Ikatiar) on progression servers. They should spawn and give lockouts as expected now.
– Temple of Veeshan (Raid) – The lockout for the Halls of Testing Drakes should no longer compound with each kill in the same DZ.
– 16th Anniversary quest givers will spawn on progression servers when Rain of Fear has unlocked on the server, instead of requiring The Broken Mirror.
– 14th Anniversary NPCs now have descriptions under their names that are consistent with other Player Designed Mission quest givers.
– Magics of Fear (Quest) – Sarviksa Tiths no longer has a restriction that prevents her from spawning until Legacy of Ykesha.
– Bosses will no longer apply a Mark of the Old Ways debuff to pets if there are 10 or fewer pets on their hatelist.
– Several Planes of Power era quests that were restricted to Lost Dungeons of Norrath have been changed so that they are restricted to Planes of Power. Some examples include the Restock High Quality Ore quests, the Storm Reaper Initiate Scimitar quest, and the Mace of the Stoutdeacon quest.
– Progression servers will now automatically wipe all corpses from the game when an expansion that includes a level increase is opened. This is not retroactive for already unlocked expansions on existing progression servers but will activate going forward on existing progression servers and for all applicable expansions on new progression servers.
– – This will happen when the following expansions unlock: The Ruins of Kunark, The Planes of Power, Omens of War, The Serpent’s Spine, Secrets of Faydwer, Seeds of Destruction, House of Thule, Veil of Alaris, Rain of Fear, The Darkened Sea, and future expansions that include a level increase.
– We’ve updated the expansion unlock required for many seasonal and anniversary events to run on progression servers. Most of these changes will result in events occurring on progression servers earlier than they were before, particularly the 5th-13th anniversary events. The current breakdown, roughly in calendar order:
– – New Year – Omens of War
– – Erollisi Day – Seeds of Destruction
– – Brew Day – no restriction
– – Bristlebane Day – Seeds of Destruction
– – 5th anniversary fabled (NPCs in original EverQuest) – Gates of Discord
– – 6th anniversary fabled (NPCs in Ruins of Kunark) – Dragons of Norrath
– – 7th anniversary fabled (NPCs in Scars of Velious) – Prophecy of Ro
– – 8th anniversary fabled (NPCs in Shadows of Luclin) – The Buried Sea
– – 9th anniversary fabled (NPCs in Planes of Power) – Secrets of Faydwer
– – 14th-18th anniversary Player Designed Missions – Rain of Fear
– – 17th anniversary Faydwer Gnome Race – no restriction
– – 17th anniversary Hate’s Fury – The Broken Mirror
– – 18th anniversary Tsaph’s Day Off – Empires of Kunark
– – Stomples Day – Planes of Power
– – Hardcore Heritage Blackburrow – Secrets of Faydwer
– – Hardcore Heritage Cazic-Thule – Secrets of Faydwer
– – Hardcore Heritage Old Guk – Seeds of Destruction
– – Hardcore Heritage Unrest – Seeds of Destruction
– – Hardcore Heritage Crushbone – House of Thule
– – Hardcore Heritage Permafrost – House of Thule
– – Hardcore Heritage Mistmoore – Rain of Fear
– – Hardcore Heritage Nagafen’s Lair – Rain of Fear
– – Hardcore Heritage NEW – Empires of Kunark
– – Death, Death, Death! – Scars of Velious
– – Living Legacy – Seeds of Destruction
– – Stone Cold Summer – Veil of Alaris
– – Nights of the Dead – Omens of War
– – Raid, Raid, Raid! – Seeds of Destruction
– – Frostfell – The Serpent’s Spine
*** Miscellaneous ***

– Pickzones that lock will no longer suspend mercenaries.
– Fixed an issue that caused boats to stop following their intended sailing paths.
– In an effort to reduce the frustration caused by watery environments, melee attacks will no longer cause push back if the defender is in water. This applies to both PCs and NPCs.
– Added the ability for level 61 and higher level players to automatically activate basic combat skills (Backstab, Bash, Frenzy, Kick, Tiger Claw, etc) while auto-attacking:
– – The hold-right click menu for combat skill hot buttons now has an ‘Auto Activate’ toggle to enable/disable the automatic activation of these skills.
– – The slash command /autoskill can also be used to toggle the automatic activation of these skills.
– Fixed several grammatical errors related to tells and emotes.
– Fixed an issue with purchasing Key Ring Slots.
– Achievement reward sets that grant only money, quest AA abilities (ex. Banestrike), titles, flags, alternate currency, or faction points will now be claimed automatically rather than first going into the pending reward queue.
*** UI ***

– Added chat color and filtering options for ‘You can’t use that command’ messages.
– Added chat color and filtering options for combat ability and AA ability reuse time messages.
*** Previously Updated ***

– On progression servers, the Tome of Spirit of Rage Discipline, Tome of Healing Will Discipline, and Tome of Stonewall Discipline will be available when Gates of Discord opens.
– Fippy’s Revenge (Group) – Removed the despawn behavior from the NPCs in the instance.
– Tsaph’s Day Off (Quest) – Due to how simple the task is, the experience and point rewards are now reduced.
– Fippy’s Revenge (Group) – Increased the number of quest drops, Qeynosian Teeth and Scalps. However, note that NPCs may still be difficult to find.
– The EverQuest Team