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March 22, 2017
*** Quests And Events ***

– Delving into Frostcrypt (18th Anniversary) – This mission is now available from Sionachie Heartsinger in the Plane of Knowledge. Corrected an issue that was preventing players from entering the instance.
– Fippy’s Revenge (18th Anniversary) – Removed the despawn behavior from the NPCs in the instance.
– Fippy’s Revenge (18th Anniversary) – Added additional quest drops. NPCs may still be difficult to find.
– Tsaph’s Day Off (18th Anniversary) – Due to how simple the task is, the experience and point rewards for it are now reduced.

*** Items ***

– Teir`Dal Heritage Crate – The icons on the paintings are no longer mixed up. Made some cosmetic fixes and improvements to the opening of the crate.
– The EverQuest TeamMarch 15, 2017
*** Highlights ***

– We’ve finished two Player Designed Missions that groups of players created with the development team during SOE Live 2014. “Fippy’s Further Revenge” and “Delving into Frostcrypt” are new tasks for the 18th Anniversary, starting Thursday, March 16, 2017. In addition to this, explore Norrath through the anniversary quest “Tsaph’s Day Off.”
– – There are also NEW rewards available on jubilant merchants for Commemorative Coins! Look for them in the Special Celebratory Goods section of your Find window in the Plane of Knowledge!
*** Items ***

– Corrected the spelling of Hero’s Band.
– Extruded Underfoot Diamond now stacks to 100.
– Added Brass Resonance to Circlet of Umbra and the Invested Circlet of Umbra.
– Corrected the description on a number of items that are no longer used in tradeskills but do not have an item conversion option.
*** Tradeskills ***

– Jewelers can now select their cutting or setting tool using the convert item button as well as their jewelry bag.
– The tradeskill trainers in Crescent Reach will train you in their recipes if you are above the skill that the training offers.
– The merchants in Abysmal Sea that offer free tradeskill quests will now train you in prerequisite recipes when accepting the quest, once you have earned the refinement ability for that tradeskill.
*** Quests And Events ***

– Run, You Fools! (Group) – Fixed an issue that could cause the completion of the “By The Power of Dead Skulls” achievement in this mission to be unreliable. It should be more reliable now. If you let Taros get the final hit on enough targets, you should get the achievement.
– On Behest of the Emperor and Others’ Things (Heroic Adventures) – These no longer share a replay timer.
– The Prince (Raid) – Added a specific message when the Prince has become fully enraged.
– Unstable Creation (Raid) – This no longer requires 18 players to trigger once House of Thule has been open on that server for 3 months or more.
– The Blade of Sirrik (Quest) – The Gleaming Serrated Blade can now drop from any black reaver in the City of Mist.
– Three new missions have been added for EverQuest’s 18th Anniversary:
– – Fippy is restless again. Find a sloshed gnoll in the Plane of Knowledge to give Fippy a hand.
– – Help Firiona Vie stop Lanys T’Vyl’s quest to dominate Norrath! Find her associate, Sionachie Heartsinger in the Plane of Knowledge.
– – Accompany Tsaph Katta himself as he tours the many ancient spires and dragon circles of Norrath!
– Lowered the level of the ballista in one of the Plane of Health errands to make it so they can be killed at a reasonable pace by lower level characters.
– Wanderer Astobin in the Plane of Knowledge now offers the Spell: Instinctual Panic as one of the rewards for an Ethereal Parchment.
– Thin Strands of Golden Silk should now drop on non-progression servers.
– Lost Dungeons of Norrath reward points have been increased for more difficult adventure types.
– – Kill count type adventures have not changed.
– – Collect type adventures now reward 20% more points.
– – Boss type adventures now reward 50% more points.
– – Hostage rescue type adventures now reward 75% more points.
*** Spells ***

– Fixed an issue where pets summoned with certain levels of Enhanced Minion had incorrect Cloaks of Enhancement equipped:
– – Beastlord, Magician, and Necromancer pets between level 86 and 105 with Enhanced Minion XV and XVI
– – Beastlord, Magician, and Necromancer pets between level 81 and 85 using Enhanced Minion VII – XII
– – Magician and Beastlord pets between level 71 and 75 using Enhanced Minion I and II
– Druid – Reduced the efficiency of some Damage over Time spells that were combined in last month’s update.
– Druid – Lowered the damage dealt by all spells in the Chill of the Natureward line.
– Shaman – Converted Falhotep’s Malosenia and Livio’s Malosenia to cast the highest rank you know of their component spells. You will now be charged the correct cost for the DoT they use. Higher ranks of these spells have lower recast times.
– Shaman – DoT spells that were consolidated in the last update are now less efficient and will do less damage than before. They will still do substantially more damage than before they were consolidated.
– Shaman – Corrected a problem that made Sephry’s Malady (and earlier spells in the line) do less damage per tick than Breath of Hemocoraxius (and earlier spells in that line).
*** NPCs ***

– It is no longer possible to spawn infinite black reaver NPCs in City of Mist by setting up a situation where the encounter cannot spawn the unique NPC because it’s already up.
*** Progression Servers ***

– Event NPCs in The Halls of Betrayal (ChardokB), The Caverns of Exile (SoldungC), The Plane of Mischief, and Veksar will be treated as bosses.
*** Miscellaneous ***

– Players can now get onto the floating ruins of Atrebe’s Lab while in the non-instance version of Kor-Sha (not applicable for raids).
– Veksar, The Halls of Betrayal (ChardokB), and The Caverns of Exile (SoldungC) now have load balancing enabled.
– All Legacy of Ykesha zones have load balancing enabled.
– The number of characters necessary to trigger a new load balanced zone (pickzone) has been adjusted to better reflect the amount of combatable population in each zone. In the vast majority of cases, the threshold has been lowered, meaning it will be easier to trigger the new pickzone, requiring fewer characters in a zone to do so than before the update.
– Additionally, when a pickzone’s population drops below the threshold, it may lock. Players will be alerted when a pickzone locks and will have 15 minutes to leave the zone before it closes. If players do not leave, they will get teleported to the main zone after the time expires.
– Fixed an issue that could cause Address Book files with invalid filenames to get generated in the client directory.
– Fixed an issue where the Looking For Players information wouldn’t properly display for the guild that is looking for players. Search Guilds was unaffected and would still show the guild in the search results.
– Changed the chat color description for ‘Membership Restriction Messages’ to ‘System Messages’ to properly reflect what they’re actually used for. This aligns with the Chat Filter ‘System Messages’.
*** UI ***

– Added the item overflow window available through /itemoverflow. This window will be utilized in the future.
– Fixed a bug that could cause an item description to not properly appear for some abilities.
– Added the ability to enable the display of timestamps in your chat windows.
– – The display of timestamps defaults to off but can be customized per window.
– – Available formats are hh:mm:ss, hh:mm, or mm:ss.
– – The default color of timestamp text matches the color of the chat channel it corresponds to. This setting can be toggled, and the timestamps can instead display in a uniform custom color per window.
– – Tell windows can also have their timestamp settings customized like normal chat windows.
– Fixed a crash issue when a character had too many zone lockouts.
*** Previously Updated ***

– Some spells that should be available when Planes of Power opens are now available when this expansion opens on progression servers.
– Phinigel – Fixed an issue that was causing an inability to access to Plane of Hate instance.
– Changed –

– The EverQuest Team