Close but no Cigar

2016-01-22_13-08-10Qindaar came to withing four percentage points today of Dinging 102.  He definitely will make it tomorrow.  I want to focus ore on the Quests and collectibles to get the AA numbers up.  Need those points for the extra advantages they offer now in the higher levels.

I love this game but find so often that I really do not experience it all. I want to get to the zones that I never been to, would love to group to get into missions I have not completed.  This is the goal I need to set and get away from this drive to level.  This is the closest Qindaar has ever been to the top level cap, yes it would be nice to hit it but then what, just run around.  Maybe hit the cap and then focus on other in game options.  Need to think this out.  Three more levels and he is at level cap, this would provide more opportunity but maybe less challenge.  Who knows!