BAM 101!

2016-01-08_21-45-53Earlier today Qindaar hit level101.  Oh happy day he moves up another notch in the ladder towards 105.

The thing about leveling is that it takes over, you want to get to that next level so badly that you miss tons of game content.  It takes a great amount of strength not to succumb to the pressure to level.  I like many others want that additional power for your toon but on the other-hand there are so many great visual and challenging places you can go.  How do you balance the two, especially if you are in a guild and all they want is to see you progress and level so you can fight in raids.  If you solo a lot as Qindaar tends to do, to enjoy both the content and the leveling satisfaction, you find yourself lagging way behind and also not enjoying the social aspect of the game.  You truly need to build a social environment of like minded individuals, which I find very difficult to do.  The pressure is to great to level, level, level.

I have been playing this game since its inception some 16 years ago and there are still many, many places I have not been.  To take the time to explore these places takes away time to get to that next level.  In all the years I have been playing this is the closest I have ever come to the level cap yet I miss going to tall the places I have never been.

As in life we need to slow down and experience everything, live for the day, keep an eye on the future, but live each day to its fullest, don’t miss out on anything by living for tomorrow.