Qindaar has Returned – DING 96!

EQ 16th AnnivI have returned from a short vacation, while I was away my buddy Vmalice took Qindaar out for a spin.  Vmalice managed to get Qindaar to move up to the next level and managed a few new pieces of gear bringing up Qindaar’s hit points and Manna.

Vmalice and Qindaar ran daily’s last night a went into Sairith for some fighting.  We were on for about an hour until death came upon us.  Oh well, we had fun while we were alive.

Qindaar needs to head out to Shard’s Landing to pick up his level 96 spells.  He tried to run there today but died in the fallen chapel only to discover that he can take a focus stone from the guild hall there directly.