EQ updates for June 21, 2023

June 21, 2023

*** Highlights ***

– Claws of Veeshan is now free-to-play.
– New “Superior Standards” are available as an option for guild banners. See details in Quests & Events.

*** Items ***

– The Tradable: Night of Shadows Expansion Ticket will check that you do not already own the expansion and stop if you do.

*** Quests & Events ***

– Yxtta Door puzzle: Made a speculative fix for this puzzle getting stuck.
– The Expanding Spores in the Insatiable an Appetite raid will once again display their decal.
– New “Superior Standards” are available as an option for guild banners. These standards will only function in instances of zones within expansions that have been released for at least six months. These banners offer enhanced buffs to have an “easy” option for raids. We will evaluate these buffs and see if they need further adjusting. These will also function on progression servers with a one-month delay (except Vaniki).
– The enrage mechanic for Animated Derakor and Restless Avatar of War have been fixed. Now if the event runs too long each of the bosses will hit harder.
– Increased the drop rate of various Veeshan’s Peak and Sebilis key drops. There will be more key pieces that drop from other mobs in the zones that they key pieces already currently drop in. Items dropped on the ground have had their spawn times reduced as well.

*** Spells ***

– Updated all spells in the Shock of Many spell line to have only 3 damage tiers and to require significantly fewer in-combat pets per tier.
– Player spells that trigger on kills no longer trigger when killing player pets.

*** AA ***

– Necromancer – Fixed an issue where the AA ability Summon Corpse would always resolve on the caster rather than on the caster’s target.
– Updated the following swarm pet Class AAs to spawn fewer pets. The damage and health values of each pet have been increased to compensate for the reduced number of spawns.
– – Bard – Song of Stone
– – Beastlord – Attack of the Warders
– – Druid – Spirits of Nature
– – Magician – Host of the Elements
– – Necromancer – Rise of Bones
– – Necromancer – Swarm of Decay
– – Ranger – Pack Hunt
– – Shadow Knight – Chattering Bones
– – Shaman – Spirit Call
– – Wizard – Call of Xuzl

*** NPCs ***

– Tin Merchant I in The Overthere and Glinya Sweetpie in Firiona Vie can now send and receive parcels.

*** Progression Servers ***

– Corrected an issue where encounter locking would cause charmed pets to behave erratically.
– Pets should no longer repeatedly report their inability to fight an encounter locked target when instructed to /guard a location.
– Corrected an issue where encounter locked NPCs would sometimes remember a player who DoTed them after their lock had reset.
– Corrected an issue where the ring event at the top of Harbinger’s Spire would sometimes fail to reset.
– Removed Copperfang from randomized loot.
– City guards have been convinced to guard their city again on Encounter Locked servers.

*** Miscellaneous ***

– The Claws of Veeshan expansion is now free-to-play on Test and Live servers.
– Parcel merchants are once again delivering self-addressed parcels, subject to customs.
– Added an on-screen message when a pickzone will be closing soon.
– Added a chat message that provides the names of conflicting lore group items when attempting to loot an item that is in the same lore group as an item that the looter already has in their possession.

*** UI ***

– Removed the specific display of Legacy bonuses in experience messages to be more consistent with other bonus messaging.
– Power sources will no longer display colored lines on the screen when in the bank.
– Hotbuttons with an assigned icon will now show the proper icon when on the cursor.
– The quantity window now opens at the location of the cursor (for items only), and its input is automatically focused. It also now appears over other UI windows.
– Fixed a bug in the bazaar window that removed results from the list when sorting by quantity or weapon ratio.
– Added text samples to the Spell Display Window of what is seen when the spell wears off for spells that have such a description.
– Added commas to messages received upon login about purchases (or sales) you made on an offline buyer or trader.
– The Heroic Upgrade button on the Inventory Window will now properly disable immediately after being clicked.
– Heroic stats on the Stat page of the Inventory Window now have the proper tooltips again.
– Improved the display of skill damage mod stat differences (e.g. kick) when comparing items.
– Fixed the mail notification on the Selector Window to no longer indicate you always have unread mail.
– Clicking on something that brings up the quantity window will now do so at the location of the click, not halfway across the screen.


– The EverQuest Team