What have I been doing since March 2023

Since March I have been running all the hunters Quests.

I started in Butcherblock and managed to complete all of them.  The hardest being the Field Of Bones.  This one took weeks for the Scorpion to spawn.  One day I logged in and there she was, easy pickings.  Sometimes you are lucky and you don’t need to spend hours waiting.

I then moved on to all the Faydwer Hunters Quests.  I have accomplish two of them so far, but of course there is always the one that is a pain.  I am in Kedge Keep and needing to get the last MoB Shellar Ebbhunter.  She is a very rare spawn.  I have now spent three weeks trying to get her to spawn.

Qindaar and Derevaun all got new Armor and really raised their stats.  Working on getting them more Alternate Advancement Points on the weekends.  This past weekend we spend time in Maiden’s Eye camoing a named that drops a cloak.  No Luck so far.