Qindaar is Wrapping Up Kunark

Qindaar is enjoying playing EverQuest and completing all the hunter quests in each zone! Kunark has a lot of interesting quests, so it’s definitely worth exploring and finishing them.

As Qindaar wraps up the hunter quests in Kunark, he is considering moving on to the next zone, depending on their level and gear. Some popular zones after Kunark include Velious and Luclin, but there are many other zones to explore as well.

Once Qindaar reaches a point where he cannot solo he will use the guild or group to help with some of the more challenging quests or to find other players to play with. This can make the game more fun and rewarding and can also help with leveling up and acquiring new gear.


Qindaar Before Upgrade

Qindaar After Upgrafe

Thanks to my great buddy Vmalice, Qindaar has new upgraded armor.  With this new armor we will head of to ToV and pick up new Augmentations for it to give it more of a boost.