EverQuest marks its 22nd anniversary with events, producer’s letter


Still struggling.

Wake up sheeple! If you thought today was going to be a normal, ordinary day — you’re dead wrong! It’s the 22nd anniversary of the majestic EverQuest! Which means that everything we write today will end with an exclamation point!

OK, no, my editor told me we are definitely not doing that — but we will point you toward the festivities over in EverQuestLand. All players are getting a 50% experience bump for the rest of the month, plus subscribers will get a goblet of adventure, an insanely tall fez hat, and a hero’s forge unlock. There are also a couple of new quests and a new mission to go through.


To top things off, EverQuest Producer Jenn Chan posted a letter for this momentous occasion. She did give one hint of what’s to come for the game: “Last year we switched up the previous release cadence of our TLPs for the launches of Aradune and Rizlona. We have decided to shift our launch window again this year, and we will be merging an additional server. Keep an eye out on the news and announcements forum for more information in the coming months.” She also mentions the team has expanded its ranks.

“I’m excited to share that we’ve hired several more designers and engineers to once again fill the ranks of the Faceless Ones. While you may have already seen the work of a few the others are deep in training learning the ins and outs of our code and the wends and ways of our stories. I can’t wait for you to see the fruits of their labor. Stay tuned, there are more things on the horizon. If you are interested in joining the Faceless Ones, please be sure to check out our eldritch links, we’re looking for heroic and creative souls to join our ranks.”


While I Had Downtime

Having some downtime recently and getting into alternate characters I recently went on  a binge to get my alt’s their Epic 1.0 items.

The Cleric’s Epic 1.0 item the Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh

this item was quite a challenge waiting on respawns, but not difficult to get when your cleric is level 104 already.  Kind of a walk in the park, just time consuming.

The other item was for my level 85 Rogue Ragebring

This is a nice addition to his arsenal and was a very easy quest to accomplish.

Today I will do 22 anniversary quests to get some unique items.

If you are on Cazic-thule server send a tell to Qindaar he is my main a High Elf Wizard level 111.