EQ Updates for July 15, 2020

*** Highlights ***

– Made various improvements to world performance and stability related to loading characters, real estate data, and instances.
– Fixed several causes of zone and client crashes.
– Made a number of speculative fixes to address issues with overseer data not loading as expected.
– Added the ability for characters on Aradune to /servertransfer to Rizlona for free. See Progression Servers section for details.
– Norrath now embraces free-range eggs. See Tradeskills section for details.

*** Items ***

– Corrected an issue where some ornamentations would not display after zoning, or in player housing.
– The spell description on Black Fur Boots now correctly indicates that the Spirit of the Wolf buff affects the caster and not their target.
– Snow Griffin Saddle will no longer display as a bag when placed in a real estate.
– Unwritten Glyph and the glyphs sold by Alerynril the Loyal now include the level 115 rank of the glyph ability.
– ‘Transforming Surprises’ that dropped from Convorteum raids have been removed as they served absolutely no purpose other than to annoy completionists.
– Adjusted the price of the Hero’s Forge Suit Consolidator on loyalty merchants down to 781 crowns.
– Painting: Tassel’s Tavern when placed in housing should now correctly teleport you to the tavern in classic North Freeport.
– Adjusted the buffs offered by the following marketplace potions to prevent them from being overwritten by other buffs/debuffs: Double Faction Potion, Draught of the Craftsman, Locked Faction Potion, Bottle of Alacrity, the Avian, Buoyancy, the Cetacean, Clarity, Endless Air, Health, Replenishment, See Invisible, Speed, Spirits, Ultravision, and the Ursine.
– Fixed the missing ornamentation slot on Darkened Wind Saber.

*** Tradeskills ***

– Norrath now embraces free-range eggs. You’ll find them on some baking merchants. These eggs work the same as snake eggs in many of the generic egg recipes.

*** Quests & Events ***

– Heroic adventures from Call of the Forsaken, The Darkened Sea, The Broken Mirror, and Empires of Kunark have been reverted to use the spell scaling data from when those expansions launched.
– Seeking the Sorcerer (Raid) – It will no longer be possible to avoid Bledrek’s Discharge by standing behind things. You will need to move out of the area.
– Seeking the Sorcerer – Bledrek and Bled should no longer target the guardian golems with spells that are meant to cause the target to flee the room.
– Seeking the Sorcerer – The bosses will no longer be willing to chase people down the stairs.
– Tower of Frozen Shadow (Raid – Torment of Velious) – Once all the raids in the zone have been successfully completed, the mirrors will behave as they do in the group version of the zone.
– The Ice Moves – Fixed an issue that could cause the Notes of a Grand Armsman and Smelting for the Grand Master to not drop from the Grand Armsman.
– Crusader Vraket will no longer praise random summoned entities if he cannot find the player that made a kill worthy of mention, he will instead praise himself. After all, he is worthy!
– Cactiikii (Raid) – The atrocious cacti will now only spawn one add at a time instead of four.
– Kerafyrm the Awakened (Raid) – Kerafyrm can no longer be slain, which will ensure that the raid will complete successfully when he is reduced below 5% health.
– Disable the Recycler (Fortress Mechanotus Task) – Added safety logic to despawn the event if it has not been completed for 15 minutes, which should prevent it from getting into a bad state for days.
– Marton Sayer in Qeynos Hills will now reward adventurers with a version of the Gnoll Slayer that does not include Bane Damage before Shadows of Luclin is active.
– – Once Shadows of Luclin is active, the Gnoll Slayer can be converted into the version that provides Bane Damage: Gnolls.
– Made the following changes to the Gloomingdeep Tutorial:
– – Clicking OK at the conclusion of the tutorial will correctly whisk you away to The Mines of Gloomingdeep.
– – Made several formatting and text fixes.

*** Spells ***

– Corrected an issue where creatures slain by direct damage spells reported their death to everyone in the zone.
– Updated the description on some familiar spells that said they summon a minotaur.

*** NPCs ***

– Added a small chance for ‘humanoids’ in Torment of Velious to drop Raw Velium Ore, Velium Infused Pelt, Velium Infused Spider Silk, or Velium Infused Logs. The ore is in addition to the ore they already drop.
– Thach Jerden decided now was a good time to leave the Plane of Knowledge and embark on a journey of his own. Since he no longer wants your Hardcore Heritage items, we decided to update the Hardcore Heritage armor drops to simply be a right click on the dropped item.
– – We’ll miss Thach in the Plane of Knowledge, but hopefully he can find that eagle he keeps talking about…
– Treants in classic zones have reverted to their classic appearance.
– The cages in Combine Dredge are now less feisty, and no longer fight back.

*** Overseer ***

– Corrected an issue where the Finish Now! button would not be disabled if you had claimed 10 Overseer quest rewards.
– When the last copy of an Agent is removed, if that Agent is assigned to an offered quest, the assigned quest will have all Agents cleared.
– Corrected an issue where the number of reported Max Completed Quests could reset to its previous value after zoning.

*** Progression Servers ***

– Added the ability for characters on Aradune to /servertransfer to Rizlona for free. Note that the character needs to be of level 20 or above and your account and character must be at least 30 days old.
– Narron Jenork in Ak’Anon is now available in original EverQuest. He has nothing to say to anyone about anything, including Initiate Watchman armor, until Planes of Power unlocks.
– Iksar shaman Plane of Hate class armors are no longer available until Ruins of Kunark has unlocked.
– Beastlord Plane of Fear class armors are no longer available until Shadows of Luclin has unlocked.
– Berserker Plane of Fear class armors are no longer available until Gates of Discord has unlocked.
– Magus Burlshin will be able to help players on Selo, and possible future fast servers, gain a shard for use in the Shard Experiences task.

*** Miscellaneous ***

– Corrected an issue where /hidemodels hid your character after dying in the same zone.
– Added /hidemodels none as an option to more easily un-hide all players, pets, and mercenaries.

*** UI ***
– Removed the ‘All Access Days Left:’ label in the inventory window. This most accurate place to find this information is in the Membership Info section of your account at everquest.com.

– Changed –

– The EverQuest Team