Game Updates December 18, 2018

December 18, 2018

*** Items ***

– Added the appropriate bard focuses to the Torn Efreeti Boots evolving line of items
– The Threadbare Weighted Tarbard evolving item line now has luck.

*** Quests & Events ***

– Tyrant of Fire – Fixed requirements to get the Deathless achievement.
– Tyrant of Fire – Fixed an issue that could cause the event to fail in a way that prevented Fennin Ro from summoning the players and responding to his dialogue. Note that a player character in the event zone must have the Golden Ruby and Garnet Ring.
– Fight Fire (mission) – Added a loot lockout to the mission. This means that while you have a lockout you will not be able to loot items from the bosses.

*** NPCs ***

– Reduced the damage on some spells cast by the general inhabitants of The Burning Lands, also made it so some of those spells can be cured.
– Reduced the default spell resistances on The Burning Lands NON-Raid NPCs.
– Enter Mearatas – Dread Last Guardian and Hidden Dust have grown stronger. Beware!
– Brilliant Jade and Clouded Jade can no longer be attacked and shall therefore always be able to sell their wares.

– The EverQuest Team