Level 105 and it’s the Same Old Same Old


So Qindaar has been at this game for Seventeen years.  He has met a lot of people, enjoyed the guilds he has been in and enjoyed the world that Sony created.  Daybreak games owns the rights to EverQuest now and all its associated games.  I don’t play the others although I do have accounts with them.  Qindaar is 35% into level 105, the cap, all there is now is achievement points to get, but its the same old stuff day after day.  The game needs a fresh new idea.  I do not see how Daybreak can maintain the game much longer without breathing some new life into it, something more rewarding than kill or be killed for experience.  EverQuest and Qindaar may be coming to an end sooner than later.  Come on Daybreak, make this a lasting legacy and breath some new life into it.