Another Hell Level or Just Slow Progression

2016-01-22_13-08-10As Qindaar moves through Level 102 (now 30% complete), he seems to have hit that hell level spot, but I do not really think so.  Alternative Advancement points are moving more quickly even though I only have a meager 10% going towards AA.  Qindaar manages to advance about 6% each half hour he plays and then it slows to a trickle.  Yes he is using the Lessons spell which doubles the advancement for each kill but still after that wears off it takes many more time the kills to advance that 1%.

Qindaar has been spending a lot of time in Tainted West Karana, as I hoped this would bring him up faster, but it looks like the difference in hiptpoints on the MoBs has a wide gap between levels.  Qindaar has been killing dark blues for 3 levels now, but if her encounters a white level, which should be his equal, there seems to be quite a disparage.

Going to try and get an additional 30% before the end of the week, level 103 will then just be around the corner.