Temple of Tunare, May change gods

Temple of Tunare in Bloodmon Keep

Temple of Tunare in Bloodmon Keep

Qindaar has now made the trip to the Temple of Tunare three times.  Each trip requires ninety minutes of solo battling.  The last trip up required you to actually head back down a room or two and battle again those spirits you had already defeated to get peaceful spirit essence.  This is not a drop btw, this is just a random update, Qindaar must had killed over a hundred spirits to finally get six of these essence updates. He then had to get back up to the altar room and battle to the altar again to find out that now he had to mine some ore to fix the earring and bring it back which will be the fourth battle back up.  Luckily someone had noted that you will need a bottle of Pure Manna, I am so lucky to have a friend Valmantia, who is an enchantress and was able to whip me up a bottle, otherwise I would have had to take a week or two to get the ingredients and get my skill level up to make this potion needed to repair the earring.

Valmantia sent me the potion and hopefully by tomorrow afternoon I will be able to post mission accomplished on the Wereorc Mask Quest.

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